Mental Health FoundationFeeling stuck, stressed, low, anxious, depressed, unconfident and not sure where to turn?

Perhaps you are experiencing problems with your relationship, your job or your family and are feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.

In order to get through each day, do you have coping strategies that are becoming a problem in themselves? Do you have a poor relationship with food and do not allow yourself to feel hunger? Do you fritter money away on gambling because you cannot get control of your finances? Do you drink too much and even the thought of a 30 day abstinence from alcohol seems just a step too far? Is a one night stand the only type of relationship you feel that you can cope with? Do you regularly self-medicate using your drug of choice?

If so, you are not alone, but perhaps it is time for you to take control of your life. Gateway Therapy can help.

Gateway Therapy is an integrative psychotherapy practice based in South East London.

We believe that adopting a holistic and integrative approach, which combines a range of skills and techniques, is very important and produces the best outcomes for our clients.

Our aim is to enable you to become who you want to be by:

  • understanding what is at the root of your difficulties,
  • identifying ways of overcoming these challenges,
  • helping you to free yourself from destructive coping patterns and influences and take control of your life,
  • enabling you to make your goals a reality and realise your true potential, and
  • helping you to learn practical skills, tools and strategies to maintain and build on your success.