Below is a small selection of feedback from our clients.

“Therapy has shown me that regardless of how other people treat me or what they might say, I am worthwhile (I genuinely didn’t know this before). It has also given me the key to moving depression instead of allowing it to consume me.”

“I came to therapy wanting to understand how I had ended up in several situations I didn’t want to be in, and to be sure how I could avoid making the same mistakes again. I think I have achieved that, and I have made peace with my previous actions. I had quite a strong dense of distrust in myself to do the right thing, now I feel more in touch with my feelings and confident that I will be able to handle any situation in a good way. Although it sometimes feels overwhelming being more emotionally connected it has also been very liberating.”

“I would highly recommend Gateway Therapy – Maureen helped me hugely with my anxiety and depression, and even though I came for the sessions alone, she counselled me through difficult relationship issues in a way that has improved my relationship with my partner.”

“I am more relaxed, more effective at work and more fulfilled. I have regained some perspective.”

“Maureen has been able to help me through a difficult time and I highly recommend her. I felt Maureen’s support was invaluable in helping me navigate the issues I was facing.”

“I am extremely grateful to Maureen for her non-judgemental and very empathetic approach in helping me on my way to addressing my demons. She has opened my eyes to the benefits of talking therapy and I am excited to put into practice the tools that we have developed together.”

“I could not recommend Maureen highly enough. Maureen’s extensive experience and skill set means that she can tailor the support you get, so you get the best out of the sessions. I put of getting talking therapy for my anxiety, fearing that the counsellor wouldn’t understand me, within minutes Maureen put me at ease and gained my trust. I am not sure I expected to enjoy the sessions as much as I did. Thank you Maureen.”

“Maureen is straightforward in her approach, but also very warm and supportive. She’s clearly passionate about the therapeutic techniques she uses and was a pleasure to work with.”

“Maureen’s warmth and humour, together with the boundaried, safe and containing environment she provides undoubtedly enabled me to gain maximum benefit from the counselling process, Her astute ability to attune to the unconscious mechanisms at play and gently bring these into awareness allowed me to process some difficult experiences. Maureen’s client led approach enabled me to travel along at my own pace in supported environment.”

“Maureen has a very warm and reassuring presence and was able to very quickly put me at ease. She is extremely perceptive and insightful without being intrusive or prying. She listens but also offers timely guidance and insight. I would recommend her as a therapist without reservation.”

“Seeing Maureen really helped me navigate a traumatic time in my life. She is warm and so creates a comfortable space in which to open up. She asks all the right questions to help get to the root of the feeling. Thank you so much it really helped.”

“When I first approached you I was struggling with working with others, over thinking my behaviour in front of others and finding enough work to keep a sense of achievement. I think this had got me into the situation I was in – working on my own a lot of the time, friends leaving London to start families or new careers, not being where I wanted to be by the time I had got married etc… I’m now married and it was the most remarkable experience I have ever had. I had anxiety leading into it but I tackled everything head on. I also picked up a new client …..who wants me twice a week. I’m hugely enjoying this too. Without a doubt, your therapy has helped me to enjoy these two huge events. It helped me in two ways; by teaching me a process to approach events with a sense of calm and understanding of myself, and helping to healthily work with others and understanding their behaviour.”

“Sometimes when you hit rock bottom and feel like there is no way up – there always is. Making the decision to take up therapy is not always an easy one. Maureen has made such a difference to me and made me realise things about myself that I didn’t know. Life is now great and before therapy I didn’t see myself ever saying those words again.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for having been recommended to Maureen. I feel like a different person, a person with a future, a life, and happiness. I am finally pregnant and beginning to accept myself and most importantly my body.

Thank you Maureen”

“The support I received from Gateway Therapy (Maureen) has helped me to make significant improvements in my life and has had a noticeable impact on my mental wellbeing. Maureen’s approach combines professionalism with empathy. She helped me to identify and explore difficult issues and to find ways of moving forward. I would highly recommend Gateway Therapy to others.”

“Having felt the need for a long time for some sort of solution to certain anxieties, I had come to something of a dead end with my own “self-help” efforts and was recommended Gateway Therapy by a good friend. The testimonial I had received from my friend was glowing and therefore my expectations were probably quite high. After a six-session course I can say without hesitation that my expectations have been met, and Maureen’s input has delivered a solution to many of the issues that I have been wrestling with for a long time. The clever part for me is has been how I have been guided to working out my own issues in a way, and not feeling like I am receiving some sort of instruction as such. I now feel that the tools and techniques I have learned at Gateway Therapy will serve me well going forward and know that I will come back for more when the time is right.”

“I contacted Maureen and Gateway Therapy after struggling to manage a range of situations at work. This meant I was very stressed and anxious and it took me a long time to calm down afterwards. After seeing Maureen for a number of weeks I now have a different way of thinking about these situations which enable me to be less stressed and overall happier at work and at home. I can’t recommend Maureen and Gateway Therapy highly enough.”

“Maureen is an outstanding therapist and a wonderful person. She helped me to transform my life when I felt I had no hope and no light, and couldn’t see a way forward. Her understanding and genuine care allowed me to not only talk honestly with her, but also honestly with myself. She supported, guided and challenged me to think and about things in different ways, and through the powerful structure of CBT gave me the tools to deal with my feelings of depression and anxiety more effectively. Maureen believed in me and helped me to believe in myself, and I will always be thankful to her. She is amazing.”

“My sessions with Gateway Therapy have helped me to gain a much deeper understanding of my emotions and beliefs, allowing me to get better at understanding and accepting who I am. They have also offered me the necessary support and guidance as I have embarked on the journey towards developing a healthier belief system, and I feel I have made good progress towards achieving more confidence and a much happier life.”

“Maureen’s friendly, reassuring and open personality made me feel more able to talk about my feelings with her, than most other people. She created a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere which allowed me to better engage with the discussions and exercises.”

“In Maureen I found a compassionate therapist who, through her knowledge & experience, understood my anxiety, providing sessions that felt personal to my needs. Maureen has also taught me coping strategies. Maureen hasn’t just made me feel better, she has deeply impacted how I think, feel and react to life & people, for the better. Thank you!”

“Maureen stepped in at a time when we were desperately in need of her and almost immediately brought about a sense of calm that was reassuring. In the sessions that followed, she helped my daughter make sense of things and provided her with the tools she needed to carry on helping herself after the sessions were over. My daughter said she felt like Maureen really cared about her and that gave her the confidence to open up enough to really benefit from the work. I can’t thank Maureen enough!”

“Maureen provides a safe environment to allow you to express yourself and tunes into your experiences and emotions to help you help yourself. I found the therapy helped me realise that I can help myself and provided techniques to help me cope with the emotional distress I feel.”

“Maureen was very professional but also very friendly in the 7 sessions that I had. My anxiety dramatically decreased in this time and I put a lot of that down to her. Maureen’s logical teaching was perfect for me as it gave me a step by step of what was happening in my head and how I can combat the anxiety.”

“Maureen is patient, understanding and non-judgemental.”

“Maureen is incredibly insightful, compassionate and also challenging (when challenge is needed). She really helped me shift some serious life issues in the few sessions we had. Thank you!”

“Maureen Ewer is, in my view, an excellent therapist. She uses a wide range of techniques and approaches which I personally found very useful. She is highly experienced and has hugely helped me through a difficult period in my life. I would highly recommend her.”

“I have a lot less anxiety and a clearer mind. It’s a lot easier to be able to make rational decisions. I also feel less pressure. Thank you so much for your help, support and friendship Maureen. I no longer feel overwhelmed and am incredibly excited about the next steps in my life. I highly recommend Maureen.”

“I feel much less stressed and can deal with my own problems much more easily.” (age 16)

“The sessions were dynamic, effective and made me learn things about myself that I never knew. The tools that I have acquired for tackling my anxiety have changed my life. It was an incredible journey and experience. From the moment I first spoke with Maureen on the phone I felt ‘safe’. And after the first session I knew that everything was going to be ‘alright’. The therapy was everything I wanted and more. Thank you.”

“Maureen is an exceptional therapist. I recommend her most highly. She is highly intelligent which gives her the ability to tune into issues and provide effective strategies. Whilst she is astute and intelligent she is also down to earth, approachable, kind and understanding. She is fantastic. My daughter saw her and recommended her to me. We have both really benefited from her incredible sessions.”

“Maureen equipped me with the tools I need to navigate a challenging time in my life. Enabling me to break down complex issues and move forward more positively.”

“Maureen helped me with my OCD and quite severe post-partum depression (OCD flared up after having my baby). She gave me the tools to accept and challenge the thoughts I was having as I had never tackled my issues. Whilst I still have some continuing work to do myself, the progress has been very positive. I am definitely back to being me again, perhaps even a better me. I have many exciting things planned for the future. Thank you for your help!”

“Maureen is a superb therapist and I found her approach incredibly effective and professional. When I first sought support I was ‘successfully’ juggling a hard job and single-parenting on the face of it, but I was also suffering from anxiety and had trouble sleeping and often felt quite low. I found it hard to mix in social settings and was quite isolated – I was also repeating negative cycles in relationships and felt stuck. Through a mix of CBT and mindfulness the counselling has really had an impact on my life and made me feel much more balanced, calmer and happier – I don’t feel the same anxiety in social situations and I’ve managed my way through some difficult family relationships in a way I would not have been able to otherwise. I really feel that the support Maureen gave me and the effective, personalised approach she takes has had a very positive change on my life, which will endure. Thank you so much.”

“Before I started the sessions with you, my life had become a continual struggle against a growing addiction, making me unhappy and unable to look or move forward in my personal and professional life. My sessions with you have had a significant and lasting impact on my life. I feel able to connect with the world again in a way which has eluded me for a long time. In short, my life and outlook at work and in my personal life has been transformed and it feels great!”

“Maureen is a very skilled therapist. Her approach expedites the therapy process, getting to the heart of the problem, and she provides practical advice that helps one grow and take steps towards reaching their therapy goals. The benefits I experienced occurred almost immediately as Maureen takes the time to assess each session and give feedback, ensuring clients make continued progress. I highly recommend Maureen and feel I’ve found a therapist I can work with (and return to if necessary).”

“Helped me make insights about myself as a person, my situation, my family and childhood. Helped me with tools to manage stress/anxiety and boost confidence …. I worked with Maureen for 9 sessions and she is the only therapist so far that has managed to surface emotions and feelings that I usually keep well hidden. She does this via being very observant of your emotional state and knows how and when to push you in the right direction. I can highly recommend Maureen, but be prepared to be challenged!”